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The original dixieland jass band : 1918/1920 recordin session


Compilation di registrazioni a cavallo del 1918/1920 della The Original Dixieland Jass Band.
Alla batteria, Tony Sbarbaro
“Dixie Jass Band One-Step”/”Introducing That Teasin’ Rag”/”Livery Stable Blues”, 1917, Victor 18255. This was the second pressing. The original title of the A side was “Dixieland Jass Band One-Step”.
“At the Jazz Band Ball”/”Barnyard Blues”, 1917, Aeolian Vocalion A1205
“Ostrich Walk”/”Tiger Rag”, 1917, Aeolian Vocalion A1206
“Reisenweber Rag/Look at ‘Em Doing It Now”, 1917, Aeolian Vocalion 1242
“Darktown Strutters’ Ball”/”(Back Home Again in) Indiana”, 1917, Columbia A2297; the ODJB recording of “Darktown Strutters’ Ball” was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame on February 8, 2006
“At the Jazz Band Ball” (1918 version)/”Ostrich Walk” (1918 version), 1918, Victor 18457
“Skeleton Jangle”/”Tiger Rag” (1918 version), 1918, Victor 18472
“Bluin’ the Blues”/”Sensation Rag”, 1918, Victor 18483
“Mournin’ Blues”/”Clarinet Marmalade”, 1918, Victor 18513, “Mournin’ Blues” also appeared as “Mornin’ Blues” on some releases. The full B side title was “Clarinet Marmalade Blues”.
“Fidgety Feet (War Cloud)”/”Lazy Daddy”, 1918, Victor 18564
“Lasses Candy”/”Satanic Blues”, 1919, Columbia 759
“Oriental Jazz” (or “Jass”), 1919, recorded November 24, 1917 and issued as Aeolian Vocalion 12097 in April 1919 with “Indigo Blues” by Ford Dabney’s Band
“At the Jazz Band Ball” (1919 version)/”Barnyard Blues” (1919 version), 1919, recorded in London, England, April 16, 1919, English Columbia 735
“Soudan” (also known as “Oriental Jass” and “Oriental Jazz”), 1920, recorded in London, England, in May 1920 and released as English Columbia 829; was composed by Czech composer Gabriel Sebek in 1906 as “In the Soudan: A Dervish Chorus” or “Oriental Scene for Piano, Op. 45”. The B side was “Me-Ow” by the London Dance Orchestra
“Margie”/”Singin’ the Blues”/”Palesteena”, 1920, Victor 18717
“Broadway Rose”/”Sweet Mama (Papa’s Getting Mad)”/”Strut, Miss Lizzie”, 1920, Victor 18722


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