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The Clash – Sandinista!


Album del 1980 della storica band The Clash.
Side one
1. “The Magnificent Seven” Mick Jones, Strummer, Topper Headon, Norman Watt-Roy, Mickey Gallagher 5:28
2. “Hitsville UK” Jones, Ellen Foley 4:20
3. “Junco Partner” Bob Shad aka Robert Ellen 4:53
4. “Ivan Meets G.I. Joe” Topper Headon 3:05
5. “The Leader” 1:41
6. “Something About England” Jones, Strummer
Side two
1. “Rebel Waltz” 3:25
2. “Look Here” Mose Allison The Clash, Mikey Dread 2:44
3. “The Crooked Beat” Paul Simonon 5:29
4. “Somebody Got Murdered” Jones 3:34
5. “One More Time” The Clash, Mikey Dread 3:32
6. “One More Dub” (dub version of “One More Time”) The Clash, Dread Instrumental
Side three
1. “Lightning Strikes (Not Once but Twice)” 4:51
2. “Up in Heaven (Not Only Here)” Jones 4:31
3. “Corner Soul” 2:43
4. “Let’s Go Crazy” 4:25
5. “If Music Could Talk” The Clash, Dread 4:36
6. “The Sound of Sinners” 4:00
Side four
1. “Police on My Back” Eddy Grant; originally performed by the Equals Jones 3:15
2. “Midnight Log” 2:11
3. “The Equaliser” 5:47
4. “The Call Up” 5:25
5. “Washington Bullets” 3:51
6. “Broadway” (features an epilogue of “The Guns of Brixton” sung by Maria Gallagher) 5:45
Side five
1. “Lose This Skin” Tymon Dogg Tymon Dogg 5:07
2. “Charlie Don’t Surf” Strummer, Jones 4:55
3. “Mensforth Hill” (“Something About England” backwards with overdubs) Instrumental 3:42
4. “Junkie Slip” 2:48
5. “Kingston Advice” Strummer, Jones 2:36
6. “The Street Parade” 3:26
1. “Version City” Jones and Strummer 4:23
2. “Living in Fame” (dub version of “If Music Could Talk”) The Clash, Dread Dread 4:36
3. “Silicone on Sapphire” (dub version of “Washington Bullets”) 4:32
4. “Version Pardner” (dub version of “Junco Partner”) 5:22
5. “Career Opportunities” (Re-recorded version sung by as credited) Luke Gallagher, Ben Gallagher 2:30
6. “Shepherds Delight” (dub version of “Police & Thieves”) Instrumental 3:25
Line Up :
Joe Strummer – lead and backing vocals, guitar, keyboards
Mick Jones – guitar, keyboards, lead and backing vocals
Paul Simonon – bass guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on “The Crooked Beat”
Topper Headon – drums, lead vocals on “Ivan Meets G.I. Joe” and backing vocals in “The Sound of Sinners”


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