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Album art punk del 1980 della band Half Japanese.

Track listing
All tracks are written by David and Jad Fair, except where noted.

No. Title Length
1. “No Direct Line from My Brain to My Heart” 2:00
2. “10th Ave. Freezeout” (Bruce Springsteen) 1:49
3. “Ta Sheri Ta Ta” 4:32
4. “My Girlfriend Lives Like a Beatnik” 1:04
5. “Her Parents Come Home” 0:58
6. “Shhh / Shhh / Shhh” 2:12
7. “Girls Like That” 2:12
8. “Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” 1:26
9. “No More Beatle Mania” 1:52
10. “Tangled Up in Blue” (Bob Dylan) 3:44
11. “Patti Smith” 2:22
12. “School of Love” 1:07
13. “Jodi Foster” 2:15
14. “Shy Around Girls” 1:36
15. “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” 2:24
16. “Bogue Millionaires / Cool Millionaires” 2:10
17. “Tn Tn Tn Tn Ki” 3:10
18. “I Can’t Stand It Any More” (Lou Reed) 2:23
19. “I Love Oriental Girls” 1:44
20. “Dream Date” 1:32
21. “Du Du Du / Du Du Du” 7:22
22. “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” (Norman Whitfield, Eddie Holland) 1:10
23. “Ann Arbor. MI.” 0:32
24. “I’m Going to the Zoo” 1:13
25. “Shi Yi Yi” 0:58
26. “Rave On” (Sonny West, Bill Tilghman, Norman Petty) 1:42
27. “I Ta Nasi Si Na Mi Eee” 1:02
28. “Till Victory” 2:16
29. “Rip My Shirt to Shreds” 0:19
30. “I Don’t Want to Have Mono No More” 1:40
31. “She Cracked” (Jonathan Richman) 1:57
32. “Bbbbbbbb/ Bbbbbbbbb” 1:36
33. “Funky Broadway Medley” (Dyke Christian, James Brown, Johnny Rivers; incl. “Funky Broadway” by Dyke and the Blazers, “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” by James Brown and “Got My Mojo Working” by Ann Cole and the Suburbans) 4:12
34. “I’m Sorry” 1:36
35. “T / T / T / T / T / T” 6:43
36. “The Worst I’d Ever Do” 0:43
37. “Live in Baltimore MD” (incl. “Caroline Says” by Lou Reed, “Lisa Says” by Lou Reed, “I Saw Her Standing There” by The Beatles, “10th Ave. Freezeout” by Bruce Springsteen, “You’re Gonna Miss Me” by 13th Floor Elevators, “I’m Going to the Zoo”, “Femme Fatale” by The Velvet Underground, “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”, “Wake Up Sleepyheads” by The Modern Lovers, “She Cracked” by The Modern Lovers, “Foggy Notion” by The Velvet Underground, “Farmer John, “Funtime” by Iggy Pop, “No Fun” by The Stooges, “Little Doll” by The Stooges, “I’m a Believer” by The Monkees, “Fun, Fun, Fun” by The Beach Boys, “Md. Girls (California Girls)” by The Beach Boys, “Shakin’ Street” by MC5, “School of Love,” “Patti Smith,” “Battle of the Bands,” “Mono,” “Rip My Shirt to Shreds,” “Oriental Girls,” “Her Parents Came Home,” “Rock & Roll Nurse” by Bo Diddley, “My Generation” by The Who, “Rock & Roll Heart” by Lou Reed) 20:19
38. “Live in Washington DC” (incl. “Who Do You Love?” by Bo Diddley, “Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa)” by MC5, “You’re Gonna Miss Me” by 13th Floor Elevators, “Live with Me” by The Rolling Stones, “Bogue Millionaires / Cool Millionaires,” “Tangled Up in Blue” by Bob Dylan, “Femme Fatale” by The Velvet Underground, “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt,” “Almost Grown” by Chuck Berry, “College Psychology on Love” by Armand Schaubroeck Steals and “Nadine” by Chuck Berry) 18:16
1992 T.E.C. Tones CD reissue
No. Title Length
39. “Battle of the Bands” 1:59
40. “Worst I’d Ever Do” 0:42
41. “Ann Arbor, MI” 0:53
42. “School of Love” 1:31
43. “Her Parents Came Home” 0:56
44. “Shy Around Girls” 1:10
45. “Dream Date” 1:43
46. “Bogue Millionaires / Cool Millionaires” 3:29
47. “Knock on Wood” 1:43
48. “Top Secret” 0:47
49. “Guitar Solo” 0:41
50. “Calling All Girls” 1:04
2013 Fire Records reissue
No. Title Length
51. “Fool’s Paradise” 1:22
52. “Don’t You Know That” 1:29
53. “Foggy Notion” 3:19
54. “If You’re So Smart” 1:16
55. “Interview” 2:11
56. “Wildman” 1:24
57. “Lo and Behold” 2:26
58. “UFO” 0:48
59. “Anything I Can Do” 0:59
60. “Hey Romeo” 1:05
61. “10th Ave. Freezeout” (Bruce Springsteen) 1:48
62. “Downdududown” 0:34
63. “Man of Mystery” 1:30
64. “One More Day” 2:11
65. “Nobody” 0:53
66. “Stooges Medley” (incl. “Funtime,” “T.V. Eye,” “Down On the Street,” “Loose,” “No Fun,” “Not Right” and “Dirt.” Written by David Alexander, Ronald Asheton, Scott Asheton, David Robert Jones, James Osterberg) 3:41
67. “Wild Party” 3:03
68. “Babylon” 2:38
Jad Fair – vocals, guitar, drums, illustrations
David Fair – vocals, guitar, drums
John Dreyfuss – saxophone
Rick Dreyfuss – drums


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