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Esplorando i dischi : Aretha Franklin – A rose is still a rose


Album del 1998 della cantante Aretha Franklin.

Track listing
Credits adapted from the liner notes of A Rose Is Still a Rose.

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. “A Rose Is Still a Rose” (featuring Lauryn Hill)
Lauryn HillEdie BrickellBrad HouserBrandon AlyJohn W. BushKenny Withrow
Lauryn Hill 4:27
2. “Never Leave You Again” (featuring Simbi Khali)
Sean CombsKelly PriceCory Rooney
Sean “Puffy” CombsCory Rooney
3. “In Case You Forgot”
Bill DickensTim GantMichael Gray
Daryl Simmons 4:49
4. “Here We Go Again”
Troy Lee Broussard[14]Trina BroussardJermaine DupriTrey LorenzMauro MalavasiDavid RomaniWayne Garfield
Jermaine DupriManuel Seal
5. “Every Lil’ Bit Hurts”
DupriStephanie CookeManuel Seal
6. “In the Morning” Daryl Simmons Simmons 4:56
7. “I’ll Dip” Dallas Austin Dallas Austin 4:06
8. “How Many Times”
David FosterGregory CharleyJohn Winston
Narada Michael WaldenLouis Biancaniello
9. “Watch My Back” Norman West
WaldenErik “E Smooth” HicksJames Fischer
10. “Love Pang”
Mira WatersNancy Wilson
Michael J. Powell 4:20
11. “The Woman” Aretha Franklin
PowellAretha Franklin
Additional Notes

Production for “In Case You Forgot” and “In the Morning” is coordinated by Ivy Skoff
Production for “How Many Times” and “Watch My Back” are coordinated by Kevin Walden, Cherise Miller, Janice Lee & Shiloh Hobel


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