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Esplorando i dischi : Aretha – A woman falling out of love


Album del 2011 di Aretha Franklin, uscito per Aretha Records.

Track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. “How Long I’ve Been Waiting” Aretha Franklin Franklin 5:19
2. “Sweet Sixteen”
Joe BihariB.B. King
Franklin 5:10
3. “This You Should Know” Franklin Franklin 4:15
4. “U Can’t See Me” Curtiss Boone Boone 5:05
5. “A Summer Place”
Mack DiscantMax Steiner
Franklin 8:50
6. “The Way We Were” (featuring Ronald Isley)
Alan BergmanMarilyn BergmanMarvin Hamlisch
Marty Paich 5:28
7. “New Day”
Kecalf Franklin CunninghamNorman West
Brian GarrettJoseph Hall
8. “Put It Back Together Again” West West 6:15
9. “Faithful” (featuring Karen Clark-Sheard) Franklin
Sanchez HarleyJacqui Whittman (co.)AyRon Lewis (ass.)
10. “His Eye Is on the Sparrow” (featuring Eddie Franklin)
Civilla D. MartinCharles H. Gabriel
Franklin 6:09
11. “When 2 Become One” Boone Boone 4:56
12. “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” Samuel Francis Smith Franklin 2:56
Credits adapted from the album’s liner notes.[14]


Amy Wickman – Violin
Andrew Gouché – Bass
Anna Kostyuchek – Violin
Arthur “Buster” Marbury – Drums
Bob Peterson – Violin
Brenda Corbett – Vocals (Background)
Brenda White – Vocals (Background)
Calvin Rodgers – Drums
Cameron Patrick – Violin
Caroline Campbell – Violin
Catherine Thompson – Flute
Charles Craig – Guitar (Bass)
Charles Craig III – Drums
Charlie Peterson – Trumpet
Chimbat Batmunkh – Synthesizer
Danny Weatherspoon – Synthesizer
Daphne Chen – Violin
Darrell Houston – Organ
Derrick Lee – Piano, Rhythm, Rhythm Arrangements
Desmond Pringle – Vocals (Background)
Eddie Franklin – Vocals
Edward Franklin – Soloist
Erik Darkin – Percussion
Ernie Fields Jr. – Contractor
Fonzi Thornton – Vocals (Background)
George Shelby – Clarinet
Gina Kronstadt – Violin
Harry Kim – Trumpet
Hidle Brown Barnum – Arranger
James “Big Jim” Wright – Organ
Jimbo Ross – Viola
Joel Derouin – Concert Master
John Smith-Power – Guitar
John Wittenberg – Violin
Karen Clark-Sheard – Vocals
Kim Flemming – Vocals (Background)
Leah Katz – Viola
Lesa Terry – Violin
Lisa Dondlinger – Violin
Lloyd Barry – String Arrangements
Mark Baldwin – Guitar
Mark Cargill – Violin
Michael Teaney – Assistant Engineer
Miguel Martinez – Celli
Mike Mendingall – Synthesizer
Millie Scott – Vocals (Background)
Myron Bell – Drums
Nancy Stein-Ross – Celli
Nathan Young – Vocal Arrangement, Vocals (Background)
Pamela Gates – Violin
Patricia Skye – French Horn
Paul Loredo – French Horn
Peggy Baldwin – Celli
Reggie Hamilton – Guitar (Bass)
Richard Gibbs – Piano (Electric)
Robert Bailey – Vocals (Background)
Robert Watt – French Horn
Robin Ross – Viola
San Stancil – Vocals (Background)
Sharon Jackson – Violin
Shelly Ponder-Craig – Vocals (Background)
Simeon Baker – Guitar (Bass)
Susan Chatman – Violin
Suzanne Young – Vocals (Background)
Teddy Richards – Guitar
Terry Baker – Drums
Vickie Hampton – Vocals (Background)
Victoria Purcell – Vocals (Background)
Will Miller – Trumpet
Yvette Deveraux – Violin


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