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Unico album dei The Wild Tchoupitoulas

Track listing
All tracks composed by George Landry, except as noted.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Brother John” Cyril Neville 3:37
2. “Meet de Boys on the Battlefront” melody and rhythm based on Rupert Westmore Grant aka Lord Invader’s “Rum and Coca Cola” 3:24
3. “Here Dey Come” 4:07
4. “Hey Pocky A-Way” Art Neville, Ziggy Modeliste, Leo Nocentelli, George Porter 3:59
5. “Indian Red” 7:21
6. “Big Chief Got a Golden Crown” 4:01
7. “Hey Mama (Wild Tchoupitoulas)” 4:46
8. “Hey Hey (Indians Comin’)” George Landry, Cyril Neville 4:00
Credits adapted from AllMusic, Discogs and Louisiana Music Factory.[10]

Composition and arrangement
George Landry – composer
Art Neville – arrangement
Charles Neville – arrangement
Vocals and tribe roles
Big Chief Jolly – George Landry
Second Chief – Norman Bell
Trail Chief – Booker T. Washington
Flag Boy – Candy Hemphill “Carl” Christmas
Spy Boy – Amos Landry
Art Neville – keyboards, background vocals, producer, composer (track 4)
Charles Neville – percussion, background vocals, producer
Cyril Neville – congas, background vocals, composer (tracks 1, 8)
Aaron Neville – piano, background vocals
Ziggy Modeliste – drums, composer (track 4)
Leo Nocentelli – guitar, composer (track 4)
George Porter, Jr. – bass, composer (track 4)
Teddy Royal – guitar
Willie Harper – background vocals


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