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Happy New Year!
First step of 2021 : The Youtube Channel is full operative :
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27/12/2020 : Happy Birthday Terry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From an idea by Andrea Bianchi & Sergio Ponti, a bunch of us crazy musicians got together to say a very special “Happy Birthday” to our inspiration Terry Bozzio.
We hope you have a great day, and we hope our antics make you smile!
Starring Starring
John Good – DW Drums
Russ Kunkel – Legendary Session Drummer
John Tempesta – The Cult/White Zombie
Barrie Barlow
Sergio Ponti – Beggar’s Farm/Drumeo
Paolo Sburlati
Derek Roddy – Serpents Rise/Nader Sadek/Khavar
The Drum Team
Demetrius Locks – Indipendent
Clive Bunker – Jethro Tull
Elisa Pilotti – Drummer/Teacher (Cam Centro Artistico Musicale)
Charlie Benante with Alex Skolnick, Jordan Rudess, Alex Lagis
Dave –
Pier Paolo Ferroni – Mattias Eklundh/Paul Gilbert/Dean Bowman
Pat Mastelotto – King Crimson / Mr. Mister
Gregoire Galichet – Vent Debout – Glaciation
Eric Sanders – The Yeti Trio/Atlanta Institute of Music
Matt Cameron – Pearl Jam/Soundgarden
Andrea Bianchi – Indipendent/
Marco Minnemann – The Aristocrats /Indipendent
Roberto Gualdi – PFM /Twinscapes
Danesh Chillura – Indipendent
Todd Sucherman – Styx / Brian Wilson
Manuel Massari
Keli Gudjonsson – Agent Fresco
Alex Jorio
Jeff Bowders – Paul Gilbert/Puddle of Mudd
Corrado Bertonazzi ( /
Yoni Madar
Phil Mer – Pino Daniele /Pooh
HELLY (Elisa Montin) – Killin’Baudelaire, Cattivator of Death
John Macaluso – Ark/Yngwie Malmsteen/Michael Romeo
Joe Franco – The Good Rats/ Widowmaker
Mirkko De Maio – The Flower Kings, Mind Key, Nad Sylvan.
Neil Jason – Legendary session bass player
Roy Mayorga – Stone Sour
Ing. Stumpo – KinetiK / Barbarian
Septimiu Harsan – Disavowed / Necrovile
Odgie Aldrige – Jakie Wilson Says / JGP
Pedro Marambio – AGT
Daniel Fasano – Mario Biondi / Shade
Peppi Treusch – Indipendent
Valerio Petriachi – Bastascriverevalerio

Special Thanks to John Tempesta!!!!!!

05/12 /2020
The blog have now 10.000 articles! 
Take a look to Artisti & Discografie !

08 August 2020 : Happy Birthday Liberty!!!

From an idea by Sergio Ponti & Andrea Bianchi, a bunch of us crazy musicians got together to say a very special “Happy Birthday” to our friend and inspiration, Liberty DeVitto.
We hope you have a great day, and we hope our antics make you smile!
Here’s who is on the video, in order of apparition:
Todd Sucherman (Styx, Brian Wilson) , Andrea Bianchi (Indipendent artist, , Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, Mr. Mister)
Phil Mer (Pooh, Pino Daniele) John Macaluso (Ark, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jennifer Batten)
Steve Lobmeier (Evans Drumheads) Carlo Bellotti (Luciano Pavarotti, Jovanotti)
Sergio Ponti (Beggar’s Farm, Martin Barre) Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean/Sessions)
Manuel Massari , Flavius Retea (Methadone Skies/The Different Class) Eric Sanders (The Yeti Trio, Atlanta Institute of Music) Alessio Landi (@alelandi_drummer)
Joe Franco (The Good Rats, Widowmaker) Jacopo Giusti (Aliante) Edoardo Bellotti (Indipendent, teacher) Jeff Bowders (Paul Gilbert, Puddle Of Mudd) Raphael Saini (Cripple Bastards, Bateras Beat) Titta Tani , Matteo Rossato , John Tempesta (The Cult, Rob Zombie) , Ted Morton (Pet Shark, Mike Keneally) , Kevin Murphy (Jon Pardi, Tonic)

14 april 2020

In a difficult moment, while we are all far away, we have decided to send a message of hope.
United in music, united in life, 50 drummers from all over the world like a single heart that beats gave birth to this video message!
These drummers, we want to thank them one by one:

Alan Cassidy, Alessio Spallarossa, Alfonso Mocerino, Andrea Bianchi, Andrea Bottinelli, Andrea De Carolis, Andrea Gianangeli, Andrea Miazzetto, Andrey Ischenko, Bernardo Grillo, Christian Giusto, Christiano Rocha, Corrado Bertonazzi, Dan Presland, David Folchitto, Davide Itri, Davide Tomadini, Demetrius Locks, Derek Roddy, Diego Carruba, Dimitri Nicastri, Edoardo Di santo, Efisio pregio, Eugene and Peter Ryabchenko,
Emanuele di Ascenzo, Emiliano Bonini, Emiliano Cantiano, Enea Passarella, Enrico Brunori, Fabio Parisi, Fabrizio Machera, Fabrizio Mulliri, Fausto Idini, Federico Gatti, Francesco “Frullo” La Rosa, Gabriele Lobina, Giacomo Torti, Gianluca Catalani, Graziano Ciccarelli, Iacopo Volpini, Jocke Wallgren, Kevin Paradis, Kerim “Krimh” Lechner, Luca Fareri, Marco Ronconi, Mattia Rubino, Mauro Borioni, Michiel Van Der Plicht, Mike Terrana, Nicola Pedrali, Omar Campitelli, Paolo Conte, Raphael Saini, Roberto Pirami, Rolf Pilve, Thomas Cremier, Valerio Torcasio, Wanja Groger, Yuri Croschenko.

08 April 2020 : Everytime an article have all the links active, i put a ★ in the title.

03 October 2019 : Start a new collaboration with the drumcommunity Drum World.
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10 September 2019 : Happy 70th birthday Barrie Barlow!

The tribute video organized by the mighty Sergio Ponti! It’s an honour appear here for Barrie with great drummers like Marco Minnemann, John Macaluso, Terry Bozzio, Pat Mastelotto, Danny Carey and other heroes!
Long live Barrie!!!!!!

Video resume of the camp!

December 2018 : Thanks to Marco Zambruni, i have the honour to partecipate at the “Lab Drum Camp 2019” in Korintos (Greece).

Pass 6 days with four of my heros is pricless.
Start the 2 june and go!
A full immersion into the drumworld with George Kollias, Derek Roddy, Chris Coleman and Mike Johnston.
Can’t wait to know my new friends, learn a lot of things and have big fun!
Masterclass, jams and drums drums drums.
Now, four months of intensive training and GO!